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What is the drug Tina?

What is the Drug “Tina”?

“Tina” is a drug that keeps appearing more and more in all communities, but especially the LGBT community. Yet, many people are in the dark about what Tina is, why it is infiltrating the LGBT community, why it is so addictive, and if there are any resources for people that become dependent on it. 

Here are some frequently asked questions about Tina:

What is the drug “Tina”?

Tina is a drug that you may know by its more common names including crystal methamphetamine or crystal meth. Other popular street names for crystal meth are ice, chalk, crank, fire, junk, sketch, speed, zip, and zoom. The name “Tina”, an abbreviation of Christina, is an exceedingly popular nickname for the drug specifically within the LGBT community. 

What is Tina’s relation and impact with the LGBT community?

Crystal meth has been increasing in popularity in the LGBT community, particularly in the party scene, including use during sex parties. These sex parties, which are frequently advertised on apps such as Grindr and Tinder, often offer free crystal meth. Because crystal meth can create a sense of euphoria and enhanced desire for sex, this often also leads to the dangerous practice of those in attendance having unprotected sex with people they do not know, increasing the chance of contracting HIV.  

Notably, the stigma and shame individuals in the LGBT community face coupled with homophobia and transphobia, can make individuals more likely to abuse crystal meth and turn to chasing the temporary high that crystal meth produces. Some people may also believe that crystal meth is an integral part of the LGBT community and that they must do it in order to fit in. Others believe that it will provide some sort of sexual benefit. Both statements are myths and those new to the LGBT community should understand that fun, including exciting and satisfying sex, can and does exist in the community without the use of drugs. 

What are the dangers of using Tina?

Crystal meth is highly addictive. Because crystal meth increases your heart rate and blood pressure when taken, there is also a serious risk of heart attack and other serious health problems when taking the drug. Due to severe and potential deadly side effects of crystal meth, including psychosis, depression, stroke, lung and kidney damage, and gastrointestinal problems, treatment is highly recommended for those that develop a dependency. Importantly, due to the chemical pathways crystal meth utilizes in your brain, you may become dependent on it very quickly. 

Is there any treatment for people dependent on Tina? 

Yes! The great news is that there is effective and supportive treatment for those dependent on crystal meth. Inspire Recovery can help connect you to services, therapies, rehabs, and other resources that you may need to overcome your dependence on Tina. Our services are also ensured to be LGBT affirming. Regardless of your journey or how long it is has been, we are here to help! 

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