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LGBTQ Outpatient Program

Following the Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and the Intensive Outpatient (IOP) levels of care, as clients progress in their recovery, their attendance will gradually be stepped down to the services of the LGBTQ Outpatient Program (OP). At this point, clients will be in a place emotionally, physically and mentally where they can think about what long-term sobriety means. They’ll be able to envision achieving permanent changes in the patterns of their behavior that relate to their substance use disorder.

What to expect in the LGBTQ Outpatient Program

In the LGBTQ Outpatient Program, those participating will receive fewer than nine hours of counseling and group therapy sessions per week. Their time spent at the Inspire Recovery facility and the frequency of their one-on-one counseling will vary on a case-by-case basis. More involvement in the recovery community and being active in a 12-step program or other recovery fellowship is strongly encouraged. At this time re-assimilation into a healthy lifestyle will be taking place and Inspire Recovery will be there to offer support every step of the way.

Putting skills into practice outside of treatment

Clients in OP will be putting the knowledge they’ve gained about healthy and effective coping skills into practice outside of the treatment environment. They’ll have the opportunity to incorporate all that they have learned into their daily lives. As this process flourishes, LGBTQ OP clients may start to mend damaged relationships with estranged and alienated family and friends. They can choose to become accountable for their past actions and become committed to their resolve not to return to harmful patterns of behavior. Self-love and positive pride will be cultivated. Self-esteem will grow as self-respecting and community-oriented acts are performed.

The importance of helping others in recovery

Such an important aspect of recovery culture is helping others. To know the pain of addiction and to be in a position of recovery, one has a message of hope to offer those still suffering. This can be inspiring and empowering. Solidarity and camaraderie are things of great value that people in recovery can utilize to rise above anything. In addiction, many can become isolated and cut off. No one has to live like that. In recovery, no one has to be alone anymore if they don’t want to be. As recovery evolves for those who make the positive changes, they will have the great pleasure of being able to be a support that someone in pain can lean on. In turn, that act strengthens their own sobriety. When we do the right thing we are good people. When we are good people we feel good about ourselves. Inspire Recovery is fundamentally all about exactly what the name implies. It’s about the inspiration for a better life for our LGBTQ clients suffering from drug & alcohol addiction. We provide an affirming path to live their authentic self in recovery.

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