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Creative Steps Group at Inspire Recovery

In the Creative Steps Group at Inspire Recovery, the body, the spirit, and the mind are the focus of art projects that encourage a comfortable transition from addiction and addictive behaviors to feeling positive, productive and creative in recovery.

These artistic projects are designed to allow the clients a fresh and engaging approach to a deeper and more enriching experience of life. By integrating the principles and practices of 12 step recovery with creative thought and hands on experiences, clients are exposed to a new perspective on what it means to live substance-free.

The artistic activities in this group are tailored to support open ended conversations and allow space for discussions about interpretations and experiences of the Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous programs that clients may have had. Clients are invited to talk about AA and NA text books, their participation in meetings, AA or NA sponsorship and where they are with working on their 12 steps to recovery.

The projects that are chosen are designed to foster a sense of accomplishment in going through the process of creating a piece of art from start to finish. The necessary materials for the projects and instructions on their use are provided at the start of every group to allow the clients what they need to accomplish creating a finished product from beginning to end during each group session.

Through these creative activities and discussing 12 Step Recovery with their peers and the group facilitators, the clients are allowed access to a growing understanding of how 12 Step Recovery can work for them. The sense of involvement, participation and achievement that can be a result of the creative steps group is an important factor in boosting the self-esteem of clients new to the recovery process. Plus, the fun of creative craft and light-hearted flair provides an enjoyment that can remind participants of the feeling of laughter and what it’s like to smile.

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