Client Advocate Program.

Additional support for Inspire LGBTQ clients is offered through this Inspire Recovery Client Advocate Program.

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What is a Client Advocate Program

The role of the client advocates is to offer emotional support, to be a sympathetic ear and act as a relay between the clients and their therapists. This is especially helpful during hours when their therapists are not immediately accessible. Client advocates are available to be reached by phone or email. They treat client interests and concerns as a top priority. In this way they are intricately involved in the client’s case management. Inspire clients will be able to share information confidentially with their advocates and form a comfortable bond of trust.

Life Skills and Re-Integration into the Community

The advocates also offer guidance when it comes to developing important life skills and moving towards re-integrating into the social community and the workforce. Help with writing resumes, preparation and practice for job interviews, advice and instruction on continuing education, and more, are all areas in which the advocates can be valuable resources.

The Inspire Recovery Client Advocates are also responsible for certainty that the client’s rights are being upheld. Those that need to express grievances can voice such concerns directly to their advocates. The client advocates work directly with the Clinical Director and the management team. They act as a bridge between the staff and the clients.

Inspire Recovery Client Advocates

Nadia Lopez is one of Inspire Recovery’s strong client advocates. Her motivational approach has been indispensable in assisting many struggling individuals overcome addiction, achieve sobriety and put the pieces of their lives back together. Her compassion and devotion to being of service to Inspire clientele is first-rate. The relationships he forms often extend to when Inspire clients become Inspire alumni/family. She considers watching the process of recovery to be the most rewarding part of his work.

George Lydon is another powerful force in the Inspire Recovery Client Advocate Program. George is passionate about the focus on the arts at Inspire and has a wealth of enthusiasm for taking a creative and active approach towards clean and sober living. His background in marketing and the 12 steps allows him to bond with clients who are new in recovery. He makes himself reachable and readily available to the clients he advocates for and he is willing to go to great lengths to be a guide on their pathways to recovery.

Forming Positive Relationships for Successful Recovery

Forming positive relationships that promote personal growth is one of the most important working parts of successful recovery. Creating as many relationships of this nature as possible can be the ultimate key to accomplishing great things. Our client advocates are a wonderful springboard towards forming similar necessary bonds that will lead to a solid foundation for lasting sobriety and achievement in life.

Client Advocates for the LGBTQ+ Community

By working with dedicated client advocates who are trained to address their unique needs, members of the LGBTQ+ community can receive the support and guidance they need to achieve lasting sobriety and personal growth.

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