What Is An LGBTQIA+ Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center?

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Welcome to Our LGBTQIA+ Drug & Alcohol Rehab

All of our staff are put through LGBTQIA+ cultural awareness training before starting to work with clients. 

Inspire Recovery provides a training called "The Human Experience," for all staff. This training includes topics on Gender, Sexual Orientation and Anatomy + More. This is a comprised of comprehensive workshops that usually takes up to 1 year to go through this training.

Ongoing training is provided monthly for staff. Additional resources are used for training well such as Transpire Help, Yes Institute, SAMHSA, WPATH, NALGAP & more.

For more information, contact our LGBTQ Drug Alcohol Rehab Today: 561-899-6088. One of our admissions directors is available to answer your questions!

Creative Approach

Inspire Recovery takes a creative approach to treating addiction for the LGBTQ community. Through evidence based treatment with art, writing & music, combined with our one-on-one and group therapy schedule, we focus on maintaining a safe space for personal expression at our LGBTQ drug alcohol rehab.

Paths To Recovery

Our treatment center strives to inspire clients to find their passions in life, whether that be discovering a beautiful hobby, a life-long pursuit or perhaps the loving empathy and compassion to help others on their paths to recovery. In encouraging self-expression through the arts, Inspire Recovery seeks to provide a voice and a vocabulary to explore introspection and learn about personal growth. In treating our clients as whole and complete individuals, attention is paid to the multi-faceted dynamic nature of individual personalities that make up our LGBTQ community.

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Well Balanced

Our team and our LGBT drug & alcohol rehab program are designed to enrich the emotional health and well-being of our clients. We foster and cultivate a sense of peace and happiness that is possible in recovery. We combine a 12 Step approach with responsive coaching, with an emphasis on functional medicine that includes an on-site nutritionist and weekly meditations. With open minds, new and emerging methods in the field of treating addiction and alcoholism are considered to give our clients all the tools available to make lasting changes in their lives for the better.

Life Skills

To inspire a better life, our program nurtures the mindset and skills needed to succeed in the world and provides opportunities for our clients to build foundation for a solid road in recovery. Addiction is a challenging condition to overcome, but with the help of dedicated professionals and the support of a strong community, people are congregating in order to do together what can’t be done alone.