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Our Treatment Programs at Inspire Recovery

Treatment programs and therapies are based on the number of hours clients need to support their recovery.


5 Days / Week
6+ Hours Therapy / Day


Inspire Recovery provides care for individuals who are transitioning from a 24-hour structured therapeutic environment center to a halfway house.

Our Day/Night treatment program invites clients to focus on their recovery in a supportive environment that promotes creative self-expression and helps to foster a realistic mindset in the transition from addiction to sober living. Day/Night Treatment Programs are also referred to as Partial Hospitalization Programs, or PHP.

For our Day/Night Treatment Program, clients travel to Inspire Recovery five days each week, a minimum of six hours of daily group therapy and one individual therapy session for an hour each week. Some of the topics that are given extra attention are: trauma, grief and loss and inner child work. Focus is directed towards addressing underlying root issues, as well as learning about healthier ways to move forward and maintain sobriety.

We provide transportation for our clients, as well as a lunch and snacks that are prepared with attention to client’s preferences in accordance with our intentions to provide healthy snacks to inspire better life.


15 Hours / Week
3 Hour Sessions Over 5 Days


9 Hours / Week
3 Hour Sessions Over 3 Days


Intensive Outpatient is at least 9 hours of counseling per week, usually broken up into 3 days for 3 hour sessions.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) includes group therapy, individual therapy, Emotion Regulation therapy, meditation, nutrition health coaching, relapse prevention and creative expression groups. Our curriculum creates space to discuss paths for a bright future. Our aim is to nurture the ideas and the skills needed to succeed in the world. Clients are provided with healthy snacks and beverages during their time at Inspire and transportation is also provided to and from your residence.

Focus is to assist clients in implementing of healthy hoping skills to prevent relapse and to instill more positive belief systems which enhance their quality of life. This includes discussions on how to balance in life and live rather than exist. Our aim is to inspire a better life in our clients, through a clean vision for their working path, relationship with their 12 Step program and the meetings that they attend outside of Inspire Recovery.

IOP clients have transportation provided for them, as well as beverages and snacks that are prepared with attention to client’s preferences in accordance with our intentions to provide healthy snacks to inspire better life.


1-5 Hours / Week


Outpatient treatment program provides weekly therapy, scheduled hours are after 3pm Monday through Friday for one hour per week.

Outpatient treatment is designed to be convenient enough to work around your schedule whether living at home or in a halfway house.

Transition from IOP to OP occurs in two steps:
1. OP Phase 1 includes two groups and one individual session per week
2. OP Phase 2 includes one individual session

The duration of time that individuals spend attending an outpatient treatment is based on the clinical needs of our clients. An assessment of how clients are working and providing for themselves, as well as maintaining their sobriety are contributing factors to their transition from IOP to an OP program. How clients are implementing the skills they learned in IOP and through their 12 Steps program are also contributing factors to transitioning into a once a week therapy session to support individuals as they move further on their path in recovery.


1 Hour / Month


Once Inspire clients have completed all levels of care, they are welcome to attend a weekly group session for an hour with our Alumni Program. The goal of our Aftercare Alumni Program is to support the people we have been providing care for surrounding issues that can arise when clients transition from regular therapy and group sessions to working and providing for themselves more directly. Our Aftercare program also includes opportunities for individuals to use resources to look for work, get support on their resume, practice being interviewed as well as any support around relapse prevention that we can offer.

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