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Transgender Rehab at Inspire Recovery

Understanding Transgender Identity

Transgender people refer to someone who does not have the experience of identifying with the gender they were assigned at birth as opposed to cisgender. Along with trans men and trans women this group can also include those who don’t have the experience of being exclusively masculine or feminine. Being a transgender person relates specifically to gender identity and not one’s sexual orientation.

Diverse Gender Expressions and Identities

A transgender individual may have a heterosexual orientation, they may be gay or lesbian, or they may be pansexual, bisexual or demisexual among other sexual orientations. The point is one’s transgender identity has nothing to do with one’s sexual orientation. Simply put the outer appearance of a trans person as it relates to a male or female sex does not coincide with their personal internal sense of what their gender is. For this reason, but not always, someone who is trans may seek to align their body and appearance to match with their inner gender identity. It is not appropriate to ask a transgender person about their body parts as it is not appropriate to ask a cisgender person about their body parts. A transgender person may or may not identify transgender female, female, transgender male, male. Every person is unique as all cisgender people are different as well.

Historical Context of Transgender Identity

Examples of transgender folks in history dates back to antiquity. These examples must be sought for, however, because as we know, history is written by those in the position of power to write it. Unfortunately transgender people’s experiences have largely been written out. In the history that does exist it is clear that transgender people are a natural state of being and is celebrated as it once was in many cultures and the stigma placed upon trans identity in modern society can be eradicated.

Challenges Faced by the Transgender Community

Mainstream culture has come a long way. Awareness and understanding of the wide cornucopia of sexual orientations and gender identities has evolved, but there is still a long way to go.

Impact of Discrimination for Trans Folk

Sadly, transgender people are presently faced with an alarming amount of prejudice and violent discrimination. Harassment, difficulty finding employment and resulting poverty are just a few of the challenges transgender people must overcome.

What challenges do LGBT individuals face in the workplace?

According to the Center for American Progress, LGBT individuals encounter a multitude of challenges in the workplace. These challenges include high rates of workplace discrimination and harassment, which have been linked to lower self-esteem and feelings of shame that can exacerbate substance misuse issues. Reports suggest that a significant percentage of gay and transgender individuals experience physical or verbal abuse at work due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. The statistics underscore this, with a substantial portion of transgender people facing mistreatment in their workplaces, such as being unfairly turned down for job opportunities, denied promotions, and even losing their jobs directly because of their gender identity. These obstacles highlight the pervasive discrimination and bias that many LGBT employees confront within professional settings.

How do social and nightlife settings contribute to the problem of addiction in the transgender community?

Social and nightlife settings can compound the problem of addiction within the transgender community due to various intertwined factors. For many transgender individuals facing rejection at home and discrimination in the workplace, social and nightlife settings often serve as vital sanctuaries where they can find acceptance, solidarity, and a sense of community. In particular, the vibrant nightlife scene is frequently depicted as a haven for transgender and gender nonconforming individuals, providing a space where they can freely express themselves and connect with others who understand their lived experiences.

However, these very settings that offer solace and belonging can also become breeding grounds for addiction. The prevalence of bars and clubs within LGBT culture, including the transgender community, may inadvertently promote excessive drinking and substance use as social norms or coping mechanisms. The pressure to conform to certain standards or expectations within these environments, coupled with the desire to escape from the harsh realities of discrimination and prejudice, can potentially lead individuals to turn to alcohol or drugs as a means of seeking relief or temporary respite.

Moreover, the heightened visibility and vulnerability of transgender individuals in social and nightlife settings can make them susceptible to targeted marketing strategies by alcohol and tobacco companies, further exacerbating the risk of substance misuse and addiction. The intersection of social marginalization, mental health challenges, and limited access to affirming healthcare services also amplifies the reliance on substances as a means of coping with the stressors and traumas of everyday life.

In essence, while social and nightlife settings undeniably offer important sources of support and community for the transgender population, they also pose distinct risks and challenges in terms of fostering addictive behaviors. Recognizing and addressing these complex dynamics is crucial in developing holistic strategies to promote the well-being and health of transgender individuals within these spaces.

Supportive Resources and Advocacy

Through the non-profit organization transpire help, the founders of Inspire Recovery seek to make social resources available and accessible. Because of challenges like these the transgender population may face, the statistics for drug abuse and alcoholism are high in the trans community. Roughly 30% of transgender people abuse drugs. In the general population this figure is only 9%. Clearly the level of stress transgender people have to deal with stemming from the discrimination they encounter can lead to serious anxiety and/or depression. Many become isolated and have very difficult emotional lives. Self-medicating with substances and alcohol is all too common.

How can education and outreach help address the oppression that transgender individuals face in society?

Education and outreach play crucial roles in dismantling the oppression faced by transgender individuals in society. By increasing awareness and understanding through education, society can challenge misconceptions and biases that contribute to stigma and hostility towards gender nonconforming individuals. Outreach efforts can provide support, resources, and safe spaces for transgender people, helping to create a more inclusive and accepting environment. Through empowerment and education, individuals can become allies and advocates for transgender rights, working towards a more equitable and respectful society for all individuals regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.

Treatment Philosophy at Inspire Recovery

At Inspire Recovery, gender identity is something that needs to be nurtured and nourished. Working towards fostering a strong sense of self-love is the vehicle that moves transgender addicts and alcoholics away from the shame of addiction and into the light of a better life. To be completely free to be one’s true self is the most liberating experience. The staff at Inspire Recovery is committed to providing that.

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