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Bisexual Rehab at Inspire Recovery

Bisexuality can be an important part of how someone conceptualizes who they are, and that is a beautiful thing.

As the term suggests, bisexual, in a basic way, means to have a physical and romantic attraction to both male and female genders. Bisexuality is not necessarily a 50/50 equal attraction to both males and females, respectively. Someone may be more or less attracted to either of the genders, but in this broad spectrum, a person who is bisexual will have an attraction to both sexes at whatever level.

What it means specifically to be bisexual may vary on an individual basis. Attractions to either sex can change in nature over time in a fluid way for some. It’s important to understand that although a person may be described as bisexual if they have had sexual experiences and/or attractions to both sexes, that person may not identify as bisexual. Inversely, a person who has never had a same-sex romantic experience, but has felt attraction to both males and females may identify themselves as being bisexual. It’s best never to assume anything, whatever the case may be.

As with other groups within the LGBTQ community, bisexual people may be at a higher risk of developing a drug or alcohol problem. Some research has reported that the bisexual group has experienced a greater amount of unmet health and mental health care needs than people who identify as gay, lesbian or heterosexual. The number one health concern that bisexual people face generally is substance addiction or alcoholism. As an example, bisexual women may have a higher number of instances of heavy drinking and issues related to drinking than heterosexual and lesbian women.

There is sometimes a perception a bisexual person might have about themselves that they are rejected by both the heterosexual society and gay and lesbian culture, as well. There are attitudes that wrongfully deem bisexual people as, “confused,” or frightened to admit that they are actually gay. Attitudes like this are hurtful and can cause someone to feel that their sexual identity is being de-legitimized.

At Inspire Recovery all sexual identities are always respected and honored. Bisexuality, like anything else, can be an important part of how someone conceptualizes who they are and that is a beautiful thing. Addicts and alcoholics are often running, hiding or trying to escape from themselves. Self-acceptance is a value everyone needs and deserves. Inspire Recovery encourages their clients to embrace who they are in every way in order to move away from insecurity and low self-esteem that may be affecting them towards a place of a solid foundation of sustainable self-love and lasting recovery.

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