Is there a Rehab that Understands People who are Gender Queer


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Is there a Rehab that Understands People who are Gender Queer?

The decision to go to rehab can be one of the most difficult decisions in any person’s life. For gender queer individuals, this hardship can be doubled. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation is about breaking a pattern of destructive behavior, but many rehab centers may not necessarily supportive of LGBTQ individuals. Others may be well-intentioned, but lack the training or perspective to truly provide what a gender queer client needs for their recovery. When gender queer people are in rehab, they are going through the most difficult time in their life and need a safe space in which to recover.

Why Is It So Important To Have An Understanding Rehab Center?

If you are a gender queer individual than you are a member of a very vulnerable population. You may have already been subjected to a significant amount of derision or even outright abuse because of who you are. In many cases, this comes from figures in authority such as your parents, teachers, clergy, or even law enforcement. It is understandable that the decision to enter rehab may seem like submitting to authority when authority may have been the greatest cause of your pain. This is why a safe space with sensitivity to issues of LGBTQ identity is so important.

How Can Supportive Gender Queer Drug Rehab Make A Difference?

Doing the work of recovery is a process of rediscovering the person within who lives within you who lived without the drugs and alcohol. This is why being in an environment who affirms and respects your identity is so important. A rehab method that tries to force you to be something that you are not is more often than not doomed to failure. One that helps you to you build up your better self in an environment of love and respect just may represent an addict’s best hope for recovery.

What Should I Look For To Find A Gender Queer Drug Rehab Center?

A rehab center that is ideal for a gender queer individual is one that openly and completely welcomes individuals from the entire LGBTQ spectrum. An open statement of this affirmation is very important as an organization that does not wish to discuss gender or sexual orientation may not have the knowledge or the staff to provide the safe environment that is required for a gender queer person. The journey toward a life of sobriety is difficult for anyone but made all the harder when you are not respected for who you are by the people around you.

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