If I am Transgender, How will I fit in at a Gay Drug Rehab Facility


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If I am Transgender, How will I fit in at a Gay Drug Rehab Facility?

Who are you? Amazingly, that’s a question that most people are unable to answer for assorted reasons. Defining who you are, extends far beyond the surface – it’s a way of life and often how you were born before your parents, your friends and society decided how they would label you. Therefore, it is more than skin deep. Going through life mismatched – feeling one way on the inside – but looking another way on the outside – can be deeply confusing and traumatic. Due to being assigned a gender often by parents and doctors that doesn’t actually match your true gender, leads to suffering from what seems like an identity crisis. The reality is that it is not the kind of identity crisis you are thinking it is. It looks this way due to the society transgender people have been born into when in reality there is no crisis, just an opportunity to correct society on your personal identity.


The transgender community is vastly populated with victims of society who think folks are having an identity crisis when it’s often the family, friend or coworkers who see it that way.  In fact, if you are a transgender individual then there may be a good chance you always knew your gender. It’s just other people judged you by societal norms and what they saw as your expression which may have never had anything to do with your gender. Perhaps you didn’t know the words for it or perhaps you knew something was off but didn’t have a reference to understand how to communicate it. Many transgender folks suffer daily in silence, afraid or ashamed of who they really are. And thanks to the insensitive nature of society, which has made being transgender taboo, being comfortable in your own skin is not always feasible until it is. Subsequently, this self-denial may lead to self-esteem problems and substance abuse. We have found that until a transgender individual can be who they are, it is very difficult to begin therapy. Often in treatment the thoughts of being a transgender person are there but not being able to be out and have self-acceptance, it’s hard to concentrate on recovery when living in the wrong body. At an LGBTQ rehab facility that has a standard of care working with transgender clients, we help you walk through your process in the way you would like to be supported to walk through so you may then start therapy do deal with your addiction and what lead up to your addiction.

A transgender person, when coming in from the “ring of life” will finally find a safe space free from discrimination and suffering while learning to live life to their fullest. At our LGBTQ rehab facility, we support you on your journey and provide therapy with a supportive & peer based community.  Should you choose to start or continue hormones, go through gender confirmation surgery or express the same way you have always expressed, we will give you the space to be you in a comfortable environment where we support you to have a better quality of life, living free from drugs and alcohol. In the past you may have turned to illicit substances but we have a more sustainable solution.

Fortunately, at Inspire Recovery, we understand how those challenges may impede your better judgment, which is why we’re here to help. Inspire Recovery is an LGBTQ drug rehab facility specifically focused on working with trans people. We serve clients of various different gender identities, sexual orientations, ages, and race. Yes, our primary purpose at Inspire Recovery is to work with transgender folks plus people who identify gender queer, gender fluid, gender non-binary or any way on a gender spectrum. Our rehab facilities are universally free from discrimination, and our only focus is YOU!

As a transgender person, you’ve gone to great lengths to try to fit in or try to isolate to keep going; and we admire your resilience. However, addiction can be dangerous, even fatal, if left untreated. Don’t let fear of acceptance keep you from getting the help that you seek. As stated above, Inspire Recovery is a program designed specifically for the LGBTQ community. Our facilities are judgment-free, and respectfully, we address you by your pronoun even if your pronoun changes daily. We ask you daily. You guide us by explaining who you are and we provide you the space to explore and or come out and ultimately dealing with your addiction.

So, if you or someone you know is suffering from drug or alcohol abuse, and wants a better quality of life, please feel free to contact Inspire Recovery at 561-899-6088. Our friendly staff of supporters are standing by.

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