Health and Wellness in Addiction Treatment


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Health and Wellness in Addiction Treatment

Here’s our goal at Inspire Recovery—the premier LGBTQ addiction treatment center in West Palm Beach, Florida—to have a well-rounded program that provides balance in daily treatment groups, nourishing the mind, body, and spirit one week at a time.

For our health and wellness groups, clients take part in a weekly Nutrition Group with our expert nutritionist, Carmen Dragen.

Every client also has a one-on-one appointment with Carmen, so they can privately discuss their specific eating habits and whatever personal health goals they would like to set to improve their comprehensive nutrition plan.

During the Nutrition Group, clients go over everything from budgeting while grocery shopping to recipes for meals that provide optimal nutrition which are considered easy and simple for clients to prepare. This is valuable knowledge to impart. We want to enrich our client’s lives so they can be stable and productive after their stay at the treatment center.

Eating healthier is an important part of addiction treatment and the recovery process. It restores the body and the mind to a more balanced state of wellbeing. Ingesting certain foods rich in vitamins and minerals has been proven to aid in relieving stress and stabilizing moods. A healthier diet is just one aspect of an overall healthier lifestyle we work to promote with our clientele at Inspire Recovery.

Beneficial self-care habits and consistent routine are the keys to long-lasting quality recovery.  All of the information about health and nutrition gained at the treatment center can spur significant and noticeable positive changes in someone’s sense of well-being when applied in their daily lives. When we are healthy individuals, we tend to feel good, and when we feel good we feel good about ourselves. At Inspire Recovery we are dedicated to inspiring our clients to seek a better life in all ways. Contact us today by email or call now.

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