Gay Lesbian Recovery Scene Like South Florida


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Gay Lesbian Recovery Scene Like South Florida


Florida is renowned for being the addiction recovery capital of America. Since it is a popular recovery location, there is a large cohesive recovery community. Being an active part of a recovery community is essential for your recovery. You will benefit the most by communicating your problems. Finding solutions to your problems with people who have been in your situation allows them to emphasize and provide you hope. Finding the local Gay and Lesbian Recovery Scene in South Florida will be refreshing.

As a gay or lesbian person, you likely have had underlying external traumas. Your addiction became a maladaptive coping mechanism. When you decide to embark on the journey of recovery, these external traumas that happened from others response to you being gay or lesbian may arise. You may also experience internalized homophobia as well. Inspire Recovery is the perfect place to work through this trauma towards recovery.

Examples of External & Internal Trauma

  • Being bullied and harassed because of your sexual orientation.
  • Coping with not being accepted by family members, friends and community.
  • Having experienced relationship and intimacy issues that are exclusive to gay or lesbian relationships.
  • Struggling with sexual orientation issues because of being gay or lesbian.

Many of the issues you have faced in your addiction you will face in your recovery. Much are exclusive to gay and lesbian sexual orientation external traumas. Being a part of the gay and lesbian recovery scene in South Florida will be the most beneficial for you.


The gay and lesbian recovery community is a community within the Florida recovery macrocosm. The gay and lesbian recovery community is as proportionally strong, if not slightly stronger than the entire Florida recovery community. There are many hangouts and social events for gay and lesbian recovering individuals in South Florida.

  • LGBT Community Centers and Hubs
    • Compass, in Palm Beach County, Florida
    • Pride in Broward County, Florida
  • Gay Entertainment Centers
  • LGBT Recovery Meetings
    • Lambda North in Lake Worth, Florida
    • Lambda South in Wilton Manors, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
  • LGBT Rehab Centers

The members of the gay and lesbian recovery community form strong bonds with each other. They have fervent pride in their recovery and their sexual orientation. The hangouts and social events in South Florida for gay and lesbian recovering individuals make finding gay and lesbian recovering friends as easy as it is to find water on every coast. Through their adversities, the members form a strong community and positive recovery scene.

A benefit that is often not spoken of about the large recovery scene in Florida is diversity. Though addiction is a disease that is equally devastating to every sufferer, it affects certain groups differently because of the different issues certain groups face. People naturally connect to people that are the same gender, nationality, religion, and sexual orientation as themselves.

How can individuals interested in Inspire Recovery’s LGBTQ programs take the next step and start a conversation?

Individuals interested in Inspire Recovery’s LGBTQ programs can take the next step by reaching out to Inspire Recovery through various means of communication. To start a conversation, they can chat with Inspire Recovery online, initiate contact through an online form, or call the available hotline numbers. Inspire Recovery can be reached in Florida at 561-899-6088. By utilizing these contact options, individuals can effectively initiate a conversation with Inspire Recovery about the LGBTQ programs and services we offer.

How does Inspire Recovery provide post-treatment support specific to the LGBTQ community?

Once you enter treatment at our LGBTQ treatment center in West Palm Beach, Florida, you have become part of the Inspire Recovery family. You will be invited to attend and participate in our monthly alumni group, our bi-monthly gender diversity support group, all of our community events and are welcome to visit or speak to your therapist or staff any time after your graduation.

During treatment, Inspire connects you with our local LGBTQ community center, Compass where there are 12 step meetings, and many support groups where many of our alumni attend. If you have any reason to need to come back to Inspire Recovery we will always welcome you back and are happy to connect you to various supportive resources that we work with in a regular basis.

What LGBTQIA+ affirming services are offered at Inspire Recovery in Florida?

At Inspire Recovery in Florida, a wide range of LGBTQ affirming services are available to support individuals in exploring and addressing the impact of shame, stigma, and heterosexism on their lives and relationships. The important thing to realize is that all services at Inspire Recovery are affirming because Inspire Recovery specifically was created by the LGBTQ community to serve the LGBTQ community.

Some services include therapy tailored to assist clients in normalizing their experience, and coping with shame-inducing behaviors and seeing that by normalizing them, and exploring sexual orientation and gender identity, recovery from substances may begin. Inspire Recovery provides family sessions that facilitate open and honest dialogue to foster healthier and affirming relationships between individuals and their loved ones should loved ones be ready to affirm their LGBTQ family member in recovery.

For individuals seeking support specific to their gender identity, Inspire Recovery offers access to group meetings such as gender support groups at both Transpire Help & Compass, our LGBTQ local community center as well as LGBTQ 12-Step meetings. Moreover, individuals can benefit from medical care planning through Inspire Recovery’s established relationships with medical professionals and endocrinologists who specialize in supporting transgender & gender diverse clients.

Overall, the LGBTQ affirming services at Inspire Recovery aim to create a safe and supportive environment for individuals to embark on a journey towards healthy self-acceptance and affirming relationships.

What are the treatment program details for the LGBTQIA+ track at Inspire Recovery?

Well, let’s start by explaining this is not just an LGBTQIA+ track at Inspire Recovery. This is an entire treatment center for the LGBTQ community. Inspire Recovery offers a comprehensive treatment program tailored to individuals who identify as LGBTQIA+. This program is designed to provide a safe and affirming environment while addressing the unique challenges faced by LGBTQIA+ individuals. Here are the key components of the treatment program:

1. Clinicians: The program is led by clinicians who have undergone our LGBTQIA+ affirmative trainings, have vast experience, providing LGBTQ affirming, trauma-informed care. This ensures that participants receive specialized care that is more then sensitive to their needs. Our staff understands the LGBTQ experience and thoroughly understands their needs and the importance to have a center where everyone is LGBTQ.

2. Trauma-Informed Treatment: The program includes trauma-informed treatment specifically designed to address the external traumas commonly faced by LGBTQIA+ individuals. This approach acknowledges and responds to the impact of past & current traumas on an individual’s overall well-being, whether the traumas happened in another treatment center or from family, school, etc… Our Trauma-informed approach is an approach for all of our clients to feel safe to open up, be authentic and begin a life in recovery from substance use.

3. Support Groups: Various support groups are offered as part of the program, including the Transpire Help’s Gender Diversity Support Group after the clinical day as well as many LGBTQ groups throughout the day. Threaded throughout all groups and sessions include open conversations about personal experiences, achievements, challenges, and shared experiences. Additionally, the Family and Relationship Group focuses on addressing dynamics within families of origin and other significant relationships.

4. Relapse Prevention for Life After Treatment Group: This group provides a platform to discuss coping skills, aftercare resources, managing relationships post-recovery, self-advocacy, and other pertinent topics to support individuals in their journey beyond the treatment program.

5. Family Education: The program includes family education for individuals to involve those they identify as their chosen family, ensuring a holistic approach to recovery and support systems.

Overall, the LGBTQIA+ track at Inspire Recovery provides a specialized and inclusive treatment program that caters to the unique needs of LGBTQIA+ individuals seeking recovery and support in a welcoming environment.

What are LGBTQIA+ affirming services and how do they help?

At Inspire Recovery, a range of LGBTQIA+ services are available to support patients and their families. These include tailored treatment options designed to create a safe and affirming environment for LGBTQIA+ individuals seeking recovery from addiction. We offer community LGBTQIA+ activities and groups to help folks experience nights and weekends with our local LGBTQ community. LGBTQIA+ affirming services are offered to address the impact of shame, stigma, and heterosexism on patients’ lives and relationships. Therapy, family treatment, access to group meetings, and medical care planning for transgender clients are key components of the services provided.

We offer post-treatment support with continuing care plans that include LGBTQIA+-specific resources. Clients can also benefit from alumni support groups & community activities for ongoing support and connection. Inspire Recovery’s staff is well-equipped with clinical expertise and LGBTQIA+ experience to effectively support and treat LGBTQIA+ clients and we would be happy to speak with you about our substance use treatment services if you give us a call.

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