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Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Alcoholism and addiction to drugs is a chaotic, dark, and lonely existence. Today, addiction is understood as a disease. It is a progressive illness that is not easily overcome, especially without help.

The disease of addiction exists in the afflicted person’s brain due to its psychological and neurological components. Over long-term use, an obsession to obtain and use a substance for its effects over and over will be placed above all other concerns. This is why severe addicts will be unable to function normally in their lives. Relationships will suffer, ambitions will be sacrificed and distinct dissatisfaction with exterior and internal circumstances will become too pronounced to ignore. This situation often leads to deep depression and feelings of hopelessness (and can lead to suicide—one of the leading causes of death in America today.)

Fortunately, hope is a definite reality for suffering addicts and alcoholics. Inspire Recovery, and drug and alcohol treatment centers all across the nation, employ effective tactics and produce results when it comes to rehabilitation from substance abuse and alcoholism. Addiction counselors, psychologists and treatment professionals work together for the aim of helping their clients understand the disease of addiction and how to achieve a life of recovery from dependence on drugs and alcohol.

A treatment center environment provides accountability for the clients. Regular drug testing ensures that abstinence from drugs and alcohol is properly monitor and any relapses can be promptly addressed. As the body heals physically and the mind begins to clear, clients in drug and alcohol rehab will be able to think more reasonably about how to approach their problems. The more a client is engaged in their healing process, the more they will benefit from their time in treatment and take full advantage of the services they are offered. Therapists are present to provide individual attention and support. Ultimately, the goal of the staff at such facilities is to serve the clients in every way possible that is related to promoting and encouraging their recovery from addiction and/or alcoholism. These facilities and their treatment programs help to make that recovery possible.

Inspire Recovery is dedicated to ensuring that the opportunity for optimal care is available to an under-served population of LGBTQ individuals, and those who are allies to the LGBTQ community. Help in recovery should be available for all those who seek it. We operate under a firm belief in creating a safe space for recovery, one that is free of discrimination on any level and one that invites individuals to express themselves for who they truly are.

Inspire Recovery believes in the healing power of art, writing and music combined with holistic and clinical approaches that can provide a solid foundation for changing lives. Finding something one can be passionate about is a great joy in life and makes an enormous difference in the lives of many recovered addicts and alcoholics. Inspire Recovery has the hope and commitment of inspiring in their clients an exuberance for what the gift of life has to offer us all. This can be the beginning of a new perspective, a new path and a better life.

Are you or is someone you know addicted to drugs and alcohol?

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