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About Meth Detox

If you are a meth addict or someone trying to help a meth addict, it is essential to learn about meth detox and understand that is a vital part of beginning the meth recovery process.

If you are a meth user (addict) then the first step to beginning meth rehab is meth detox, where you spend a few days becoming medically cleared off meth, alcohol and all other drugs.

The best way to stop using the drug is coming to a meth detox center where stopping meth and other drugs are safe with medical supervision. Call us and we will set you up in our Meth Center. Our phones are answered 24-7. Call now (561) 899-6088.

Inspire Recovery provides a meth detox center that offers a safe place for meth addicts to recover and clear your body of meth and any other substances in your system. We are a meth treatment center where our detox team supports meth-addicts through meth withdrawal.

Our job is making sure that you go through detox and become physically stable and free of meth in your system. The setting where you detox from meth should be comfortable and affirming.

If you are a gay or transgender person, it makes sense to detox from meth where the detox staff has been trained to provide inclusive and affirming rehab treatment center’s staff is affirming while receiving ongoing LGBTQIA+ trauma-informed care training.

The amount of time it takes to go through meth withdrawal varies between addicts. The more acute phase of meth withdrawal typically peaks in the second or third day after the last use of meth. Generally, most symptoms begin to ease after a week.

FAQ Questions About Meth Detox

What are the phases of Meth Detox?

  • The Crash. Meth addicts have a false feeling of well-being and show a wild increase in energy after abusing meth and when they get high. The effects of meth can last anywhere from six to twelve hours every time it is abused. When addicts quit using meth, meth abusers begin the initial withdrawal process from meth and experience a crash marked by fatigue or extreme exhaustion. When meth addicts crash hey typically sleep for extended periods — sometimes for up to three days. The Crash can include aches and pains, low energy, confusion, Intense drug cravings, agitation, restlessness, anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts.
  • Day 2-3. During the next 24-48 hours, after an addict quits abusing meth, they will experience symptoms of meth withdrawal. These include a sharp decline in energy and cognitive function, nausea, abdominal cramping, and sweating.
  • Days 3-10 is when the ex-meth addict adjusts to being without meth. The recovering meth addict can experience mental health issues like symptoms of depression and anxiety, as well as extreme fatigue. Some people will also experience shaking and muscle aches, as well as drug cravings.
  • Weeks 2 & 3 Towards the end of the second week, most physical symptoms begin to subside. Intense drug cravings can persist, Fatigue and depression are common.
  • After the First Month After a month, the worst meth-withdrawal symptoms are typically over. Other symptoms will continue to fade over time. Some ex-meth addicts have depression and anxiety for several months before they subside.

We recommend meth addicts or friends talk to one of our meth-detox experts before doing anything. Give us a call and we will help you get started on the road to recovery.

Can you force a meth addict into a Meth Detox Center? No, unfortunately, the meth addict needs to be willing and ready to change their lives and behavior.

How to get a meth addict into a meth detox center? You can start by calling Inspire Recovery to see how we can help at (561) 899-6088.

Can meth addicts stop using meth without a meth detox center? Meth is one of the most addictive drugs on the streets today. It is very difficult to stop on your own or stay stopped for long periods of time. A suggestion would be going through meth-detox, begin meth rehab at the best meth addiction center for them, depending on the meth-addict’s your situation, start living sober and attending local 12-step meetings.

Is it possible to quit meth without going to a meth detox center? It is possible, but it is extremely difficult being that meth is one of the most addictive drugs. It’s best to be removed from your life and placed in a safe meth detox center away from the drug.

Will a recovering meth addict use meth again after 8 days of meth rehab? 8 days is normally not enough time to detox off meth. Not much insight can be obtained in 8 days. It is suggested to plan for a minimum of 30 days in a meth rehab treatment center.

Will 8 days in rehab get a person off meth? Physically yes, mentally and emotionally more time is needed to gain insight into the disease of meth addiction, and obtain tools to combat it.

How likely is that a recovering meth addict will use meth again after going through rehab? Without working with a meth rehab, treatment, and recovery program, nearly everyone. Meth brings something called euphoric recall, where the user will reminisce about the drug, which results in a physiological response from the body, causing many to relapse. It is crucial to work a program after treatment to combat the disease of meth addiction.

Can a meth addict recover without meth detox and then going through rehab? It is possible but very difficult. The odds are against it. According to The Institute on Drug Abuse, meth is extremely addictive and affects regions of the brain for a long time. Meth detox and then going to a meth rehab treatment center are the best and safest places to quit meth and recover. They give meth addicts distance and time away from meth while learning techniques to fight meth addiction and live sober lives.

Where do poor people go for meth rehab? There are many state-run facilities that are equipped to handle meth detox. From time to time there are also scholarships available as well. TranspireHelp.org is a great place to look for resources as well. Feel free to call us (561) 899-6088 for a referral to the best meth-detox center near you.

How long does meth rehab take? 30 days will be about the time it takes to come back to your normal senses. Meth recovery then just begins. We suggest a minimum of 90 days to 6 months

What is the success rate at rehab for meth? It is very difficult to measure success rates in meth-addicted people. But chances of keeping meth sobriety go up with the more time spent in meth treatment and recovering meth addicts continuing to use the meth-recovery tools they learn in meth treatment when they leave and start living meth-free lives.

How to rehab off crystal meth? Call Inspire Recovery. We can tell you all about our meth rehab program and how it is designed to work for everyone’s needs (561) 899-6088.

Is Inspire Recovery an LGBBTQI+ friendly Meth Rehab Center?

Yes! Inspire Recovery is one of the only LGBTQIA+ meth addiction rehab centers in the USA. We are completely focused on providing care for the LGBTQ community. Most noteworthy, our trauma-informed treatment approach and rooming arrangements are rooted in LGBTQIA+ affirming care practices. What else makes our program unique?

  • Art and creative-centered groups to provide a safe space for personal expression during meth rehab
  • Evidence-based therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as part of meth rehab
  • Holistic and integrative health practices such as Nutrition, Tai Chi, Yoga, and Meditation are staples of our weekly meth addiction treatment group therapies
  • We are a co-occurring facility, therefore we treat both meth abuse and mental health
  • We foster a peer-support-focused structure at our center and a meth free sober living setting
  • 12 Step meth addiction recovery at LGBTQ+ Meeting House – LAMBDA North
  • Integrate meth-free, sober, fun and supervised social events into the time clients spend together outside of Inspire Recovery

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