Reframing Minds, Recovery in Motion


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Reframing Minds, Recovery in Motion

In the drug and alcohol addiction treatment world there are certainly formulas that many centers tend to utilize in their practice of saving lives. Many centers lean on evidenced-based therapies to shape the topics of their group and one-on-one discussions. Such therapies include: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). At Inspire Recovery we embrace both of these as key components to our clinical strategy. We are invested in combining evidenced-based therapies alongside our creative approach, because we feel strongly that where research has proven successful, so will our clients. However, our creative program is often the breath of fresh air a client needs to continue to process CBT and DBT techniques presented in previous groups. These two approaches complement each other because the work with both the left and right brain.

At Inspire we do not use television or video programming to educate out clients. Our trained group facilitators and licensed therapist use as many interactive techniques possible to help clients grasp group information in hands-on and expressive ways. We provide worksheets, art projects, start groups off with music playing, take groups outside to near by green spaces, provide Tai Chi, Meditation and music therapy groups once a week. We are holistic, not only because we incorporate nutrition and spirituality. We are holistic because we are treating the whole person with a diversity of tactics that can enhance a client’s ability to understand aspects of relapse prevention and emotional regulation on a deeper level. CBT and DBT techniques can be applied to practically any group, and that is why we review these skills with our group facilitators, and ask that even the creative groups provide opportunities for clients to re-frame their habits and emotions so they can grow in their recovery every day they are at Inspire.

Our Crafting Mindfulness group is a great example of how we are able to incorporate mindful activities that can help those who have co-occurring diagnosis – such as clients who have been diagnosed with substance use disorder, as well as, a mental illness. We will share more about our Crafting Mindfulness group and how it helps us meet clients where they are at in future posts on Inspire News.

Are you or is someone you know addicted to drugs or alcohol?

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