I came to Inspire Recovery after using for 14 years. I had no where to live, no job and my life was a mess. I wasn’t able to stay sober for longer than a day. I had been to over a dozen other treatment centers and wasn't able to stay sober. I was physically, mentally, and spiritually broken.

The staff and therapists at Inspire were some of the most amazing compassionate people I have ever met. They were able to help me put the pieces of my life back together, which at the time I was convinced was not even possible. With their help and support I've been sober for over a year and am eternally grateful.

I've not seen another treatment center with such dedicated invested individuals. From admissions and BHT’s all the way to therapists trained in specifically helping our community.

Their compassion, love, support, and determination to help people suffering from addiction in the LGBTQIA+ is unparalleled. The community of people of which they serve is in desperate need of help and Inspire Recovery gives 100% to every person who walks in.