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December 30, 2017

Is there a rehab that understands people who are gender queer?

The decision to go to rehab can be one of the most difficult decisions in any person’s life. For gender queer individuals, this hardship can be doubled. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation is about breaking a pattern of destructive behavior, but many rehab centers may not necessarily supportive of LGBTQ individuals. Others may be well-intentioned, but lack the training or perspective to truly provide what a gender queer client needs for their recovery. When gender queer people are in rehab, they are going through the most difficult time in their life and need a safe space in which to recover.

Why Is It So Important To Have An Understanding Rehab Center?

If you are a gender queer individual than you are a member…


If I Am Transgender, How Will I Fit in a Gay Drug Rehab Facility?

Who are you? Amazingly, that’s a question that most people are unable to answer for assorted reasons. Defining who you are, extends far beyond the surface – it’s a way of life and often how you were born before your parents, your friends and society decided how they would label you. Therefore, it is more than skin deep. Going through life mismatched – feeling one way on the inside – but looking another way on the outside – can be deeply confusing. Due to nonconforming birth sex and gender, individuals faced with this reality tend to suffer from a seeming identity crisis due to the society they have been born into when in reality there is no crisis, just…


Can I Go To an LGBTQ Drug Rehab If I’m Not Gay?

Can I go to an LGBTQ rehab if I’m not gay? It’s human nature to fear what we don’t understand, which causes a great divide among individuals – especially in relation to the LGBTQ community. Sufferers of addiction who identify gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, or transgender face daily ridicule and discrimination; therefore, admittance of a drug problem is not easy. For this reason, there are drug rehabilitation centers that cater to the LGBTQ population. These organizations are welcoming of all people regardless of race, sex, religion, or preference. They make it OK for you to be the real you!

Can I Go To an LGBTQ Drug Rehab If I’m Not Gay?

Addiction is a serious illness and doesn’t discriminate. We…

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“Vogue” – Impoverished Women of Color & Trans Experience – My 1st Glimpse of Me

The basic human need to be watched was once satisfied by God.

In 1990 Madonna released her single “Vogue”. A window into a microcosm was opened for mainstream society peering at a staple and genius solely invented by the LBGTQ community. 1991’s Jennie Livingston’s documentary film “Paris is Burning” was the first time I witnessed a representation of people I found myself in and as a questioning teen it was…

Fentanyl in Florida

As of October 2017 a law has been in effect in Florida that allows for drug dealers to be charged with felony murder if synthetic drugs they sold led to a death by overdose. Over the past decade the trend of either mixing lethal synthetic opioids into heroin or selling the synthetics themselves as heroin has spurred a drastic rise in overdose deaths throughout the U.S.

These synthetic opioids are exponentially more powerful and dangerous…

Do I drink too much alcohol?

Perhaps you have found yourself wondering, do I drink too much alcohol? Chances are if you are questioning your drinking habits, there is a problem. Alcohol has ingrained itself in LGBTQ social culture as a mainstay at get-togethers, clubs, and functions. It is easy to develop a problem with alcohol without realizing it before it’s too late.

The Facts

According to a government publication focused on drug and alcohol consumption of members of the LGBTQ community, sexual…

West Virginia Opioid Crisis

Kermit is a dot on the map. It’s a town in West Virginia with a population of about 400 people. Over a two-year period, one pharmacy in Kermit was flooded with almost 9 million pills of addictive opioid painkillers from wholesale prescription drug distributors. Other small towns in West Virginia have also experienced receiving exorbitant amounts of powerful opioids from wholesale distributors. From 2006 to 2014, the Family Discount Pharmacy in Mount Gay-Shamrock received…