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December 30, 2017

Are there LGBTQ staff members at an LGBTQ drug & alcohol rehab?

If there was ever a need for safe spaces, it’d be in drug and alcohol treatment facilities, where patients are asked to speak about the deepest secrets of their lives. Recovery depends on honesty, and that can only exist in an environment that not only accepts, but understands, its patients. LGBTQ addiction and relapse rates are higher than those of heterosexual patients or clients for excellent reasons: challenges like dysphoria and discrimination weigh heavily on the queer and trans community. Every challenge is a new point to add to your relapse prevention plan, so your choice of an LGBTQ facility could save your life and the comfort of knowing you will be among LGBTQ staff is essential.

The Numbers, The…


Releasing Your Old Story

By Leah Bell

At Inspire Recovery, we have created a completely out-of-the-box addiction treatment program. Since day one we have integrated art, music, journal writing, mindfulness, outdoor activities and nutrition into our weekly groups. As an LGBTQ-focused rehab, it’s also very important to us that spirituality has a presence within our facility that can be defined by the individuals who seek recovery here. Today’s article is inspired by the New Moon in Sagittarius and contains a writing exercise that can empower you to “release your old story.”

For many who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, queer, questioning, gender neutral or any other identity on the gender spectrum – the experience of growing up in what we refer to as…


Synthetic Opioids Complicate Addiction Crisis

By Martel Bird

Dr. Suzanne Bell, a forensic scientist at West Virginia University, estimates that a new synthetic drug is found on the streets in the U.S. nearly once a week. On average, new synthetic drugs pop up every seven to ten days. Powerful synthetic opioids are being manufactured overseas and smuggled into the U.S. They are predominantly produced in China, apparently. These synthetic opioids are one complication affecting the complex problem of the opioid addiction crisis, which was declared a national public health emergency in November.

These obscure chemicals are not technically illegal. Once they’re identified, it takes time for the Drug Enforcement Agency to classify them. Frustratingly, legislation is left lagging behind in creating laws…

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“Vogue” – Impoverished Women of Color & Trans Experience – My 1st Glimpse of Me
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“Vogue” – Impoverished Women of Color & Trans Experience – My 1st Glimpse of Me

The basic human need to be watched was once satisfied by God.

In 1990 Madonna released her single “Vogue”. A window into a microcosm was opened for mainstream society peering at a staple and genius solely invented by the LBGTQ community. 1991’s Jennie Livingston’s documentary film “Paris is Burning” was the first time I witnessed a representation of people I found myself in and as a questioning teen it was…

Fentanyl in Florida

As of October 2017 a law has been in effect in Florida that allows for drug dealers to be charged with felony murder if synthetic drugs they sold led to a death by overdose. Over the past decade the trend of either mixing lethal synthetic opioids into heroin or selling the synthetics themselves as heroin has spurred a drastic rise in overdose deaths throughout the U.S.

These synthetic opioids are exponentially more powerful and dangerous…

Do I drink too much alcohol?

Perhaps you have found yourself wondering, do I drink too much alcohol? Chances are if you are questioning your drinking habits, there is a problem. Alcohol has ingrained itself in LGBTQ social culture as a mainstay at get-togethers, clubs, and functions. It is easy to develop a problem with alcohol without realizing it before it’s too late.

The Facts

According to a government publication focused on drug and alcohol consumption of members of the LGBTQ community, sexual…

West Virginia Opioid Crisis

Kermit is a dot on the map. It’s a town in West Virginia with a population of about 400 people. Over a two-year period, one pharmacy in Kermit was flooded with almost 9 million pills of addictive opioid painkillers from wholesale prescription drug distributors. Other small towns in West Virginia have also experienced receiving exorbitant amounts of powerful opioids from wholesale distributors. From 2006 to 2014, the Family Discount Pharmacy in Mount Gay-Shamrock received…