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December 30, 2017

Why do People Think Drugs are Cool?

By Martel Bird

Navigating Recovery

Hanging out at a club on a Friday night and I’m just minding my own business. I don’t drink or “party” anymore, but I still like the nightlife for socializing. A young man asks me for a cigarette. I give him one. In return, he produces a little bag of white powder. “Want some Molly?” he asks. No, thanks. It’s a little surprising that somebody would offer a total stranger an illegal drug in return for bumming a cigarette.

At a bar where I was seeing my friend’s band play a couple of guys were smoking pot in the men’s bathroom. This is not really that unusual. Drugs are also often used out in the open at…


Addiction Disease Model VS Moral Model

By Martel Bird

Many Still Believe Addiction is a Moral Failure

By now probably almost everyone is aware of the opioid addiction epidemic. Those whose live’s have been affected by the addictions of friends and loved ones or those who have been addicted themselves are certainly informed about the crisis. What about those who haven’t been directly affected? Many who hear or read the term, “drug addict,” still think of criminals that need to be locked away or that these, “drug addicts,” deserve what’s coming to them, because they believe addiction is a moral failure. Not everyone is familiar with the Disease Model of Addiction. The old stigma associated with addiction, that addiction is a moral failure of weak-willed individuals is…


Social Media and Recovery

By Leah Bell

Social media has had a bigger impact on our lives today than it ever has in the existence of computers, the internet and cell phones. At no other time in history has the whole world been so engulfed in electronic devices that have become like appendages to not only Millenials but also those who are established middle-aged business people, as well as, parents, teachers, activists and retired individuals that are more likely to be using desktop or laptop computers than smartphones to connect to the never-ending thread of social media.

OK, so we all know this stuff, what we don’t necessarily know is whether social media is having a positive or negative impact…

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“Vogue” – Impoverished Women of Color & Trans Experience – My 1st Glimpse of Me
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LGBT Affirming Care Addiction Treatment

LGBTQ addiction treatmentOur nation and the world-at-large continues to be afflicted by the devastating epidemic of the disease of addiction. Those affected are friends, family and loved ones from all walks of life. As is the case with most diseases, it is known that addiction does not discriminate. There are no types of individuals or communities of people that are invulnerable.

The reach of this condition is widespread….

“Vogue” – Impoverished Women of Color & Trans Experience – My 1st Glimpse of Me

The basic human need to be watched was once satisfied by God.

In 1990 Madonna released her single “Vogue”. A window into a microcosm was opened for mainstream society peering at a staple and genius solely invented by the LBGTQ community. 1991’s Jennie Livingston’s documentary film “Paris is Burning” was the first time I witnessed a representation of people I found myself in and as a questioning teen it was…

Fentanyl in Florida

As of October 2017 a law has been in effect in Florida that allows for drug dealers to be charged with felony murder if synthetic drugs they sold led to a death by overdose. Over the past decade the trend of either mixing lethal synthetic opioids into heroin or selling the synthetics themselves as heroin has spurred a drastic rise in overdose deaths throughout the U.S.

These synthetic opioids are exponentially more powerful and dangerous…

Do I drink too much alcohol?

Perhaps you have found yourself wondering, do I drink too much alcohol? Chances are if you are questioning your drinking habits, there is a problem. Alcohol has ingrained itself in LGBTQ social culture as a mainstay at get-togethers, clubs, and functions. It is easy to develop a problem with alcohol without realizing it before it’s too late.

The Facts

According to a government publication focused on drug and alcohol consumption of members of the LGBTQ community, sexual…