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Is there a rehab that understands people who are gender queer?

The decision to go to rehab can be one of the most difficult decisions in any person’s life. For gender queer individuals, this hardship can be doubled. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation is about breaking a pattern of destructive behavior, but many rehab centers may not necessarily supportive of LGBTQ individuals. Others may be well-intentioned, but lack the training or perspective to truly provide what a gender queer client needs for their recovery. When gender queer people are in rehab, they are going through the most difficult time in their life and need a safe space in which to recover.

Why Is It So Important To Have An Understanding Rehab Center?

If you are a gender queer individual than you are a member…


If I Am Transgender, How Will I Fit in a Gay Drug Rehab Facility?

Who are you? Amazingly, that’s a question that most people are unable to answer for assorted reasons. Defining who you are, extends far beyond the surface – it’s a way of life and often how you were born before your parents, your friends and society decided how they would label you. Therefore, it is more than skin deep. Going through life mismatched – feeling one way on the inside – but looking another way on the outside – can be deeply confusing. Due to nonconforming birth sex and gender, individuals faced with this reality tend to suffer from a seeming identity crisis due to the society they have been born into when in reality there is no crisis, just…


Can I Go To a LGBTQ Drug Rehab Even If I’m Not Gay?

It’s human nature to fear what we don’t understand, which causes a great divide among individuals – especially in relation to the LGBTQ community. Sufferers of addiction who identify gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, or transgender face daily ridicule and discrimination; therefore, admittance of a drug problem is not easy. For this reason, there are drug rehabilitation centers that cater to the LGBTQ population. These organizations are welcoming of all people regardless of race, sex, religion, or preference. They make it OK for you to be the real you!

Addiction is a serious illness and doesn’t discriminate. We all have our vices. Whether yours is drugs or alcohol, the road to recovery is long and strenuous – but obtainable. We…

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LGBTQ News and Events

Tempting Distractions

By Martel Bird

The common story in recovery from addiction and alcoholism is that it may take more than one go at it. There are those in the 12 Step meetings who are sometimes called the, “one chip wonders,” a term which refers to somebody who took one and only one stab at the recovery process and didn’t pick up a drink or a drug again. These examples did not, in the accepted terminology, ever…

It’s Beyond Political

By Martel Bird

Standing Up for Others in the Face of Everyday Discrimination
A Response to Charlottesville

As I was standing at a candlelight vigil in West Palm Beach, Florida, on Sunday night in response to the bigotry and violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, two young men approached me. They were white, probably in their mid-twenties, well-groomed for a night on the town, one of them sporting the recently popularized hair-style referred to as the, “man-bun.”

Coming Out in Sports

by Martel Bird

Just three years ago, in 2014, Michael Sam became the first openly gay football player to be drafted into the NFL. Following his college ball career at the University of Missouri, he was drafted by the St. Louis Rams, but he was cut by the Rams at the end of preseason and never played in an in-season game. Following the Rams, Sam signed to the practice squad for the Dallas…

When Bad News Hurts Good Apples

Mostly Corrupt Treatment Industry?

When speaking about the addiction treatment industry in South Florida, Palm Beach County State Attorney, Dave Aronberg exclaims that, “this is not a case where a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch, this is a case where most of the apples are spoiled.” He was interviewed as part of a recent NBC news piece on Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly about a total, all…