LGBT addiction information Inspire Recovery


At Inspire Recovery, an LGBTQIA+ addiction rehab, we understand the many ways that an individual can find themselves dependent on drugs and/or alcohol. Our clinical team is here with the solutions to support those who are willing to address their addictions and confront the aspects of their life that have lead to a dependency on substances. Our program is designed to help prevent relapse and ensure that our clients leave our facility with an inspired approach to live a better life.

LGBTQI Addicts May Have Trauma’s That First Let To Addiction

The life of a LGBT addict can be very scary. Many people find their way to a drug or alcohol addiction due to unaddressed root causes that stem from their home life as a child or teenager, through discrimination, depression, a coming out process, or other traumatic situations in their adult life. Therapy is the center post of our work to repair the heart and mind from addiction. Though individual and group therapies are at the heart of our program, the variety of therapy we offer are equally supported by our creative expressions programming that provides clients with the opportunity to process their experiences and the emotions that arise from therapy through art, music, journal writing, guided meditations, EMDR, DBT, and more.

We hope that our LGBT Addiction Information pages will assist in understanding the ways in which particular drugs and alcohol have on a person’s mental and physical health when they are used for extended periods of time. Any addiction is very difficult to recover from without professional care and the supportive compassion a treatment facility like Inspire Recovery is able to provide. If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction, please consider calling our Admissions Team today to learn more about how we can inspire a better life, a life without the dependency of drugs or alcohol.