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December 30, 2017

Intensive Outpatient Program

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a level of treatment care that involves nine or more hours of addiction education and structured counseling services per week. These hours are typically split up over three days out of the week where the participants will stay at the Inspire Recovery treatment facility for three hours at a time.

While at Inspire, clients will be involved in individual therapy sessions, group therapy, as well as, the unique creative and holistic programs that Inspire Recovery has to offer.

In IOP each individual will receive the necessities for their treatment, which includes psychiatric and psychological services, nutrition and total care for treating their substance use disorder effectively. An individual therapist will be assigned to each person and a formal treatment plan will be developed to implement during a client’s stay at Inspire Recovery.

Clients at Inspire Recovery are treated as whole people who are suffering from an illness—the disease of addiction. The staff strives to make them well again. Regular drug screenings are mandatory to ensure the clients are accountable for their sobriety. The essential lengths are taken to be certain each client is made comfortable. A safe and judgment-free environment is fostered so that everyone will feel that they can grow in their recovery and into the best versions of themselves they can bemaximizing the potential each person has to lead fulfilling and successful lives in recovery after their treatment is completed.

Inspire Recovery’s creative approach is about helping the clients find their passions and providing a variety of outlets for emotional expression. Often times, aspects of life that carry deep personal importance are put by the wayside during active addiction. Reconnecting with a passion from the past or finding inspiration for a new one can be paramount in recovery and continuous long-term abstinence from drugs and alcohol, as well as processing the emotions and experiences that arise throughout life in healthy ways. The focus of someone’s mind, which during addiction is a substance, can be redirected, perhaps to an interest in writing, a hobby for crafting and artwork or an appreciation for music.

At Inspire Recovery, clients participate in nutrition, Tai Chi/breathwork and meditation on a weekly basis, as well. All of these holistic practices can empower an individual to choose positive approaches to challenges and aide in one’s ability to overpower the lure to revert back to relying on drugs and alcohol.

The arts can also be an important resource for individuals in the LGBTQ population who are discovering their identities or growing to be more comfortable in their identities while in treatment. For this reason and many more, Inspire Recovery has completely integrated creativity as a core element of our groups.

After a period of time, IOP clients at Inspire Recovery will be motivated to find part-time jobs. The tools acquired in the Life Skills group will be put into practice as clients prepare to re-enter society as empowered individuals. Throughout the IOP program clients are encouraged to connect with the local recovery community at 12 step meetings and find a sponsor to help them work the 12 steps. All in all, Inspire Recovery works to provide the boosts our clients need to beat their addictions and become the full expression of the people they really want to be in life. The IOP level of care is one step along the path of that journey.