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partial hospitalization program

Generally, PHP (Partial Hospitalization) level of care is for people early in their recovery, for those who may be at risk for relapse and those who may be likely to involve themselves in other high risk behaviors. It is a period of stabilization and deep assessment in order to devise the aspects of an individual’s ongoing treatment plan. In this way, a client’s  full treatment plan can be determined and a working method for effectively structuring their treatment plan can be developed. This phase lays a foundation for what will occur after the Day-Night PHP  Program.

At Inspire Recovery a Day-Night PHP Program is provided to those who it is necessary to have a high level of therapeutic care. Clients enrolled in Day-Night will receive a greater amount of full-time supervision than IOP (Intensive Outpatient) and OP (Outpatient) clients. Day-Night clients will be involved in more face-to-face interaction time with their therapists and other counselors. It is typical for clients to enter treatment at the Day-Night level of care before they are able to transition to IOP. At Inspire Recovery, our Day-Night PHP program includes community housing.

Day-Night PHP Program – The Best Step Forward for Early Recovery

The formal criteria for clients being enrolled in our Day-Night Program typically involves concerns relating to present drug or alcohol intoxication and a potential for withdrawal symptoms occurring. Those with medical conditions or complications will also be evaluated for Day-Night enrollment, as well as those with emotional, behavioral or cognitive conditions. In order to determine whether Day-Night is the right level of care for a client they will undergo an evaluation with a licensed substance addiction treatment professional.

A mental health or physical health diagnosis will not be made during the assessment that determines the client’s level of care. Such diagnoses will be made at a later time by our medical director and mental health nurse practitioner. If the conclusion is drawn that a client can be appropriately provided for in an outpatient environment, they will be placed in our Day-Night program. Access to psychiatric and medical necessities will be provided, as well as lab services and additional forms of support.

Entering treatment for drug addiction and/or alcoholism is difficult. Day-Night level of care is designed to provide a period of time that minimizes stress on the client. During this time, clients engage with the therapeutic and psychological help necessary to make foundation-level progress in recovery from addiction. 

Upon entering the Day-Night PHP program, clients will be familiarized with the facility and the staff. They will be encouraged to become comfortable and feel welcome. Our goal at Inspire is for clients to feel safe under the care of their therapists, surrounded by peers that promote community and unity. During this level of treatment, careful attention will be given to them for the purpose of putting them at ease and also to minimize the risk of relapse. An emphasis on relapse prevention during the Day-Night PHP Program can help to ensure success in the following phases of care at Inspire Recovery.